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Divers of all levels can learn to dive safely, gain solid fundamental and foundational skills but most importantly have fun! The training provided by LTD (Liz Tribe Diving) Ltd. will enable you to enjoy the some of the best cold water diving in the world. Whether you are taking your first breath underwater, or an experienced diver, our mission is to help you better enjoy diving in the Emerald Ocean!

LTD (Liz Tribe Diving) Ltd. was started with the goal to expand the Vancouver Island dive community and bring divers together to share the exceptional diving that the Pacific Northwest has to offer. As a dive instructor and educator, Liz Tribe, aims to provide her students with safe diving practices and techniques that enable them have the absolute best diving experience anywhere in the world. Our goal at LTD is to provide you with the techniques and tools to achieve your diving goals. LTD has a reputation for providing one of the most effective education platforms available to students; however, we are first and foremost passionate about sharing the underwater world with our students. Quality training and education is necessary for divers of all levels to be able to feel comfortable, confident and competent under the water. A solid foundation of basic fundamentals skills enables divers to fully take in and experience the underwater environment and its diverse inhabitants, all the while feeling safe and confident in their ability to control themselves in the water and solve problems.

At LTD we emphasize the importance of having a solid platform of basic fundamental skills before moving forward with more complex challenges and dive parameters. We provide students with the techniques, tools and feedback to develop this solid platform in a thorough and effective manner. Liz Tribe has been diving for 11 years and teaching scuba diving classes for 10. She has logged over 3,000 dives, about 99% of which have been in a dry suit in the cold waters of the northern Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Students who train with LTD will be receiving dive training from one of the most active divers in British Columbia with experience in some of the most challenging dive conditions in the world.

Safety is the focal point and first priority of all dive training provided by LTD. Whether it is the student’s goal to pursue technical diving, or take in the beauty of the fish living in a kelp forest, or prepare for a trip to a tropical location, we will tailor your training to suit your needs and interests, while ensuring that at all times students are safe and comfortable in the water. Diving offers numerous avenues to pursue: underwater photography or videography, wreck diving, documentation diving, scientific diving, technical diving, conservation initiatives, and much much more! At LTD we will provide you with the techniques and skills to pursue your underwater passions. It is our mission to help all of our student divers feel safe and comfortable in the water so they remain passionate about diving and become active members of our vibrant dive community.

We recognize that by selecting us for your dive training, you are placing a significant amount of trust and confidence in us. We encourage you to know that you are welcome to contact us with any questions or concerns that you may have before, during or after your class. Something that makes LTD training different from other dive training is that your relationship with us does not end after you complete your class with us. We welcome all our students (past and present) to keep in touch with us and know that all questions regarding equipment purchases, dive travel, further training, or more are both encouraged and welcomed! We are not just training divers, we are training our future dive buddies and want to see you diving for many years to come!

We invite you to please review the testimonials provided by our current and previous students here.

Liz started diving in 2007. Her father was a commercial diver and would tell her stories about diving. Liz was intrigued and wanted to experience scuba diving for herself. Finally, for her 21st birthday, he dad bought her scuba lessons. Scuba diving was everything Liz imagined it to be and more. From the first time she laid eyes on a shipwreck underwater, she knew that underwater was where she wanted to be and she wanted to share it with others. Less than a year later, Liz had logged over 400 dives and had earned her PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor rating.

In her 10 years as a scuba instructor, Liz has certified hundreds of divers to dive. As she encourages her students to do, it is important to Liz that she always continues to learn. She is constantly seeking further education and expanding her knowledge of the sport of diving and improving her skills as an instructor. 2 years ago, Liz became involved with the Global Underwater Explorers (“GUE”) training agency. She challenged herself to take a step back and earn an instructor rating with the agency known to exceed the industry’s most rigorous qualification standards.

Students who sign up for training with LTD will have the benefit of learning from an instructor who is an experienced and active scuba diver. Liz has experience diving to depths in excess of 330’ and is certified on two different types of Closed Circuit Rebreathers. She has dove along the east and west coasts of Canada and the United States. On average, she logs between 300-400 dives per year. Liz strives to pass this experience on to her students so new and experienced divers can benefit from the experience she has accumulated over more than 3,000 dives.

Although Liz is a passionate technical diver and loves to explore deep shipwrecks; the most rewarding experience for Liz is watching a student light up when they go underwater for the first time. Liz’s goal as an instructor is to provide students, new and experienced, with first class training to safely and confidently explore the underwater world and share her passion for scuba diving. Diving is supposed to be simple and stress free and Liz wants to give this to her students right from the very beginning of their first scuba diving experience.

GUE Qualifications:

GUE Fundamentals Instructor

Tech 2+ Diver

Rebreather Diver (JJ CCR)

PADI Qualifications:

PADI Master Scuba Dive Trainer

Wreck Diver Specialty Instructor

Deep Diver Specialty Instructor

Nitrox Specialty Instructor

Search & Recovery Specialty Instructor

Dry Suit Specialty Instructor

Drift Diver Specialty Instructor

Night Diver Specialty Instructor

Underwater Navigator Specialty Instructor

Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty Instructor

TDI Qualifications:

Advanced Nitrox Instructor

Decompression Procedures Instructor

CCR Advanced Trimix Diver (Megalodon CCR)

Advanced Wreck Diver

Other Qualifications:

DSAT Advanced Gas Blender Instructor

TDI Advanced Gas Blender

PSI Visual Inspection Certification

Canadian Red Cross Standard First Aid, CPR (C) & AED

60 Ton Limited Masters

Phone: 250-702-7879
Email: liz@liztribediving.ca

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