Drysuit Diver Specialty Class

A drysuit is an additional airspace that a diver must manage. If you want to learn how to use a drysuit effectively or are struggling with your drysuit, LTD’s PADI Drysuit course will teach you techniques to make diving with your drysuit less stressful and more enjoyable.

There are a number of benefits to diving in a dry suit, including the following:

  • Increases safety by providing a redundant buoyancy device in the event of BCD failure
  • Increases safety by contributing to a balanced rig (wetsuits drastically decrease in buoyancy at depth)
  • Increases thermal protection (enables longer, more enjoyable dives)
  • Increases safety by keeping the diver dry in the event of prolonged exposure in the water
  • Additional skills enable you to dive anywhere in the world
  • Improves balance and buoyancy in the water by distributing the airspace over the divers entire body

Properly learning how to utilize your drysuit so that you control it, rather than it controlling you, greatly contributes to your overall diving comfort and enjoyment.

Prerequisites: Open Water (or equivalent), 15 years of age (12 years of age for Junior Open Water divers – some depth and dive limitations apply to Junior Open Water divers. Please contact us for more details.)

Required equipment: dry suit and appropriate thermal layers.

Course Structure: 2 dives, plus classroom.

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