“I had been interested in shipwrecks for as long as I can remember. In fact, it was one of the things that made me want to learn to dive. A few years ago I started to pursue specialty tracks with the intention of learning more and becoming a better diver. I also became involved with the GUE community. Still wanting to pursue training covering wrecks, I started asking around. The recommendations to train with Liz were abundant. After a dive on the Annapolis I was hooked and had to book a class at the first opportunity. She paired me up with a teammate that was a perfect match. She left no questions unanswered. In fact, she encouraged lots of questions. All of the information provided was clear and easy to understand. The dive portions of the class were challenging, but a lot of fun. At no point did I feel overwhelmed. Liz’s attention to detail is second to none and she is able to identify even the smallest issues and then quickly help you resolve them. For example, I was have extreme difficulty performing a particular skill to the point I dreaded any time I had to execute it. She saw the problem, made a small change, and it was actually fun the next time I performed that skill. The post dive briefings were informative and thorough. At the conclusion of the class I didn’t feel overly taxed or drained. I just had fun and came out with more refined skills along with new knowledge and tools I can use. In closing, I feel that just being in the water with Liz makes you a better diver. The example she sets and the way she carries herself in the water is one that every diver should strive for. If you have the chance to take instruction or dive with her…do it. You will see what I mean. It truly was an amazing experience.”

– Charlene P., Tacoma, WA

“I first met Liz in December 2016, when I showed up for day 1 of GUE Fundamentals. Since then, I have had the opportunity to dive with Liz both as a student on multiple courses, and as a dive buddy.

My initial impression of Liz was that she took pride in the instruction she provided, and that she seemed genuinely invested in the performance of her students. That impression was proved correct throughout the duration of my GUE Fundamentals and PADI Wreck courses.

In my line of work, I often encounter people who have been thrust into instructional roles even though they are not up to the task. This has made me quick to recognize when someone does or doesn’t have effective teaching skills. Because of her calm demeanor, ability to communicate, and wealth of diving experience, I can absolutely recommend Liz as an instructor. On top of all that, the courses are fun!”

– Jake D., Victoria, BC

“I came to Liz after having a terrible Open Water experience with a local shop, the class was packed with students, the academic material was rushed and the certification dives were conducted in a haphazard and dangerous manner: my instructor actually left me alone at 30 feet in dark water to go find the student with the GoPro on a selfie stick that he’d lost track of. This was absolutely not the idea of diving that I’d pictured.

I’d read about GUE and how team-focused and rigorous the Fundamentals course was, and that it’s intended for divers certified by other organizations. In my opinion, my previous “certification” wasn’t worth much, I did not feel like a safe and capable diver. I was pretty intimidated by the reputation, but open to a challenge. Normally the course is conducted over four days, but Liz decided that we’d break it up into two sections: I’d do the first two days, then I’d go and dive with other GUE divers to gain experience and finish the final two days in a few months. It was really a great approach.

Liz broke down the steps in propulsion and positioning kicks as well as the basic GUE skills, and worked through them with me, she clearly takes pride in seeing her students succeed. You can tell that Liz is keenly aware of how stressful diving is for new students and she was always perceptive of my mental state in the water and I never felt like I was being pushed outside of safe bounds. From diving with Liz, I’ve made consistent, steady and clear progress, more experienced divers have commented that I’m rock solid in the water and they’re impressed that I only have about thirty dives under my belt, all I can tell them is “I’m just doing what Liz told me to do.” And I truly am: Liz consistently gave me specific, personalized, pinpointed advice on what to change and explained her reasoning and demonstrated what I’m doing wrong in the water.

As far as gear advice goes, I’ve always felt that Liz gave me objective and sensible advice on what to buy, and she consistently explains the reasoning behind her selections. She’s a consummate professional while being patient and super easy to get along with. Diving can be a stressful and difficult challenge, and Liz doesn’t bend on standards, that being said, her encouraging attitude, humanizing empathy, and confidence in her students really takes the edge off. If you’re willing to put in the work, she’ll meet you more than half way: it’s apparent that Liz thinks of the people in her classes as future dive buddies rather than students.

Liz is the first instructor on the list that I’d trust my family and friends to train with, I’m a huge fan and I jump at the chance to recommend her. 10/10 Sea Stars rating.”

– Michael S., Vancouver, BC

“I recently completed GUE Fundamentals with Liz and found the experience to be incredibly rewarding and worthwhile. Her professionalism, deep knowledge of the sport, and commitment to excellence is balanced perfectly with an innate ability to educate in a relaxed and positive way. Liz came highly recommended to me and now I understand why. I’d encourage divers of any level to talk to Liz and take a course. You will come out the other end a better, safer diver!”

– Jason C., Vancouver, BC

“After receiving my PADI Open Water diver training with LTD, there was no doubt that I received the best training available. Liz went above and beyond to ensure that I was shown the proper way to dive with a constant regard for safety and team work. From the classroom to the required open water dives she made learning fun, challenging and interesting. She is a true professional with an attention to detail which is second to none. You won’t be disappointed!”

– Dave H., Courtenay, BC

“I would not be diving today if I hadn’t met Liz.

I had taken boatloads of training and still struggled when ascending in my drysuit. Glomming on lead didn’t help. I improved more after two (2) dives with Liz than I had the entire previous year. It turns out that cold water diving can be a lot of fun – when you’re confident and in control. Four stars. Would buy again.”

– Pete. C., Esquimalt, BC

“I have had the pleasure of being introduced to diving with Liz as an instructor, I’ve also had the ability to dive and work with multiple other instructors and at the end of the day she is who I chose to further my technical diving and to teach my wife and daughter this wonderful sport.

Safe, Patient and loves to answer any questions. The class are always fun and challenging, you always come out a much better diver.”

– Lee C., Victoria, BC

“I fell in love with open water diving three years ago and I began training with a wide variety of Dive Masters and Instructors to complete my Advance Diver qualification. Although, I met every standardized PADI module I constantly felt unsure of abilities following a dive buddy or leading a dive. I was introduced to Liz Tribe and I knew right from the get go she was special, and would take me to a new level of diving.

In the initial evaluation phase Liz discussed my goals as a diver, conducted a skill dive, and then formulated a plan to achieve these objectives. She was honest, creative, and driven like I’ve never experienced before which immediately put me at ease. On my Master Diver course, I felt energized and challenged while honing my practical knowledge, safety and motor skills. Each stage of training was logical and simulating with tons of hands on training. She loves the sport so much her work ethic was infectious and found that I had exceeded all goals that I set for myself.

Liz Tribe demonstrated a wisdom and pride towards instruction that never wavered for the duration of course. Liz’s nurturing teaching strategy she calls the “The magic triangle which is comprised of the keen formula. The three parts – Trim, Propulsion and Stability” this philosophy corrected my bad habits and promoted better problem solving techniques.

Liz has made me more confident driver in blue water so my fun factor is where I want it, and look forward to taking my Dive Master course with her :)”

– Jeff K., Victoria, BC

“I started diving with Liz after my boyfriend got his Open Water Cert. He had a really good experience with her, and knowing how I can be a bit cautious, he recommended her to me. He said she was a great teacher and I got to experience that first hand when I did my Open Water Cert . with her shortly after. So far it has been one of the best things I have done. I have a very difficult schedule to work around but Liz was extremely flexible when it came to that. Liz made sure that I felt comfortable at all times. She made sure that I fully understood all the theory we learned in class.She never rushed through anything and I never felt uncomfortable asking her a question or having her explain something again that I didn’t understand. What I loved about learning with Liz is that I never felt like I was doing anything wrong. If I needed to improve my technique or if I was doing something incorrectly she made sure to show me ways to practice or to remember. She also took the extra steps to make sure that I was safe and that I felt comfortable when we were diving. She encouraged me the whole time and has continued to encourage me and even kept in touch to see my progress. I have been diving with my boyfriend for two years now and we both continue to get more certification. It is an amazing experience to share together and I definitely recommend it. My experience with Liz is what has inspired me to go all the way to my PADI Instructor Cert. I can’t wait to learn more from Liz.”

– Kaija K., Victoria, BC

“Liz was the one who initially got me interested in diving. She was my instructor during my Open Water Certification and she was the one who encouraged me to continue diving and become more certified. Diving with Liz was fun, she made everyone feel comfortable so it was easy to learn. The one thing that really stuck out for me was how she took the extra time and effort to make sure that everyone felt comfortable and competent in the skills that we were learning and was very thorough. She made sure that everyone was safe and never rushed anything or anyone. I always felt like Liz was available for any questions I had, whether it was after we were finished diving for the day or after my certification was finished. Her schedule was easy to work with, which was a huge bonus. I look forward to diving with Liz again.”

– Talis G., Victoria, BC

“I have been diving with LTD since 2012. In that time, my diving has improved stupendously. My trim was about 45 degrees and my buoyancy was something that was less than desirable. My propulsion was a mix of using my feet while flutter kicking and using my hands. After doing various classes with Liz, and practicing the skills that I was taught, I now have my tech pass for my GUE Fundamentals, and feel much more comfortable in the water.”

– Drew C., Victoria, BC

“Over the last few years, I’ve had opportunities to take various PADI certification courses with Liz, and have always found her to have safety as prime concern. Liz is a very competent dive instructor that strives to make her courses both fun and educational. I would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone looking to further their dive training.”

– Darren C., Cowichan, BC

“Started diving with Liz back when I started diving in 2008 and her name appears on my open water cert card. I have been diving with her and training with her since and hope to do so for many more years to come. Liz understands that success in teaching diving is doing so in a way where she sees you still diving next year.”

– Iain M., Victoria, BC

“I have had the opportunity to be both a student and dive buddy of Liz’s and believe she is of the highest caliber of diver. She has a vast range of skills and experience in teaching which, when combined with her positive and encouraging personality, allows divers of all levels to progress in their diving goals. It is a privilege to be able share the underwater world with Liz and I would recommend her to anyone wishing to enter or advance in diving (recreational or technical).”

– Brittney G., Campbell River, BC

“This is my review of Liz who taught me my GUE Fundies course. I met Liz within my first few months of diving in the cold water of BC at Wilson’s dive shop. It was just a brief meeting.

As I got to know more people in the dive community her name kept popping up as a excellent instructor and source for info. I was inquisitive about the guys with 2 tanks on their backs and how to stay under for longer. I was told I should take a GUE class from a buddy, and I heard her name again!

I signed up for my GUE Fundamentals, and she helped me with my worries in the month or so leading up to my mid-March course. Liz was the instructor trainee, but pretty much ran the whole show. When I first showed up she made a professional first impression. I was very impressed at how well she answered my endless “why do they do it this way” or the “why not that way” questions. Every question had a solid and logical answer. She new her stuff. She even helped me with my gear issues, lending me her own gear at times:) The land drills were great, she would spot the smallest errors in a group of three no problem. Once we we were in the water she was solid as a rock in in propulsion, buoyancy and trim! At times I could feel her moving me into position with ease. And I probably have 100 lbs on her. She is an excellent instructor both in and out of the water. And best of all, in and out of the class, always answering my questions and making me bungee neck-ties. I look forward to diving with her and taking more courses as she goes up in the instructor ranks.”

– Jeffrey C., Victoria, BC

“Don’t let those big dives on fancy gear get you down (or let those swanky fins intimidate), Liz is a huge, patient, thorough instructor and diver with her ability to present, convey and demonstrate that anyone can have moments of brilliance while diving. From your first time in a drysuit, to more technical teaching and everything in between.

‘They’ say an instructor should be doing the dives they teach and preach, and hands down, Liz does those dives (and more) on a very regular basis outside of the classroom, more than any other instructor that I’ve come across.

Take a step into the LTD pool of instruction, community, and fun!”

– Brad H., Calgary, AB

“My profession over the years has enabled me to take part in a lot of training around world exposing me to a lot of teaching styles. After taking GUE Fundamentals Part 1, I feel very confident that Liz is by far one of the best instructors I’ve had the privilege to work with. She is extremely knowledgable, professional and an outstanding mentor that set an excellent example for the class. I had some difficult moments and she took the time to ensure that I grasped the required skills without making me feel pressured or rushed. I consider myself very fortunate to have been trained by her. I enjoyed the course and feel I will be a better, safer diver because of it.”

– Dave H., Comox, BC

I met Liz about 5 years ago, when I did a dry suit course with her in Victoria. Liz was an incredible teacher, and was skillfully able to blend learning and in depth instruction with a playful, fun, and charismatic demeanor. Being somewhat nervous at times underwater, Liz had an incredible ability to help me gain confidence and competence, and to gradually become more at ease when diving. After a bad dive, I remember Liz helping me get back in the water quickly, in order to avoid a mental block where I would be less likely to do so. Even now, after not diving for over a year, Liz is quick to reconnect and support me in getting back to such a beautiful hobby and past time when I send her the slightest email indicating I am ready.

In addition to her teaching, which evidently gets positive feedback from everyone, Liz has an incredible way of building community wherever she goes. In the dive world, this leads to many new friendships and dive buddies, and works to create a really cool dive community and experience.

Over the years Liz has become a friend as well as dive instructor, and I have continued on to take other courses with her. My experience with Liz has been phenomenal, and I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to get into the water, or wanting to enhance their skills.

– Kim K., Victoria, BC